Ride like a warrior


Shujaa / ∫uʄa: / (Swahili)
Adjective: brave, courageous
Noun: Hero

Head outside and ride like a warrior!

Exercise, commute, run errands, and explore in a way that wasn’t previously possible. Having the power and capacity of an ebike allows you to drive less and ride more. You only have to pedal as hard as you want. The motor assist can be turned down when you want a work out or cranked up to get you around without breaking a sweat. Injuries, health concerns, and physical limitations are a part of life, but they needn’t keep you from getting outside and living an active lifestyle.

Fight for the Green... and your green!

Leaving your car at home lowers your carbon footprint as well. Generally, ebikes emit 22 grams of CO2 per kilometer, far less than the 270 grams per kilometer cars emit. You’ll also save green by riding an ebike instead of driving. Ebikes cost about 8 cents per 25 miles of use, while a car can cost $2 over the same distance.

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